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2015 NorCal OAUG OpenWorld Presentation - October 25, 2015

Fusion Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service - July 16, 2015

Rob Zwiebachs Presentation


2014 NorCal OAUG Training Day Presentations - August 26, 2014

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2014 NorCal OAUG Collaborate14 - April 9, 2014


R12.2 Technical Panel Discussion - February 19, 2014

John Peters, Intro General Overview of R12.2

Sandra Vucinic, R12.2 Upgrade Process

Ivo Dujmovic, R12.2 Administration and Patching

John Peters, R12.2 Custom Development


2013 NorCal OAUG OpenWorld Presentation - September 22, 2013


2013 NorCal OAUG Collaborate13 - April 9, 2013


2012 NorCal OAUG OpenWorld Presentation - September 30, 2012


2012 NorCal OAUG Training Day Presentations - August 24, 2012

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UPK Panel Discussion - March 13, 2011

      OAUG Member Benefits and Ambassador Program

      Peter Maravelias, Principal Product Strategy Manager - UPK, Oracle

      Ramesh Potta, Corsair's use of UPK

      Cass Smith, Symmetricom's use of UPK


Revenue Recognition Panel Discussion - December 9, 2011

      Julie Peacock, Oracle, Director, Financials Strategy, Revenue Management

      Kathy Pearson, Dell Force 10, EITF 08-1 Revenue Automation Project

      Wendy Collins, Brett Ford, Revenue Recognition at Vmware

      Cathy Cakebread, Revenue Recognition and Oracle Receivables

      WebEx Recording of the Panel Discussion (116MB file size requires the WebEx Player)


E-Business Suite Upgrades Panel Discussion – October 25, 2011

Tom Connors, Oracle’s perspective on the R12 Upgrade

Keith Sherry, Rambus Upgrade

Ramesh Potta, Corsair Upgrade

Matthew Maxson, Coherent Upgrade

Hans Kolbe, Celantra Systems (base presentation from MN SIG)

Hans Kolbe, Celantra Systems (reference presentation from Oracle to MN SIG)

Skip Straus, ePrentise, Reimplementation vs Upgrade

Anne Carlson, Oracle, Upgrade Planning Presentation

2011 NorCal OAUG Training Day Presentations - January 13, 2011

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2010 NorCal OAUG Training Day Presentations - January 19, 2010

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Agile Panel Discussion – August 19, 2009

Echelon's use of Agile's PDM
Scott Tang, Echelon, Manager of Enterprise Applications
Anthony Garcia, Echelon, Business Systems Analyst

Protecting trade secret files with Access Control privileges
Scott Davis, Symmetricom, Director of Quality & Documentation Services

Integration of Agile and E-business Suite
Srini Somanchi, Sierra Atlantic

R12.1 Applications Day – July 21, 2009

   Oracle's web site with the presentations posted
   Pin: r12day

OBIEE Panel Discussion – May 14, 2009

   Oracle Business Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap
   Tobin Gilman, Sr. Director Business Intelligence, Oracle

  Oracle Business Intelligence
   Eric Champlin, Vice President for TUSC/Rolta
  Hank Decker, TUSC/Rolta

   Sun Microsystem's OBIEE Implementation
   JuneAn Lanigan, Sr. Director Business Intelligence, Sun


Enterprise BI Phase 1

Dongyan Wang, Sr. Director Enterprise Business Intelligence, NetApp

   Assessing BI Readiness
   Faun deHenry, President and CEO, FMT Systems Inc

   ABM Industries OBIEE and Hyperion
   Bernard Ash, Hyperion Systems Manager and Architect at ABM Industries

2009 NorCal OAUG Training Day Presentations - January 21, 2009

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Oracle's Hyperion Performance Management Applications - June 19, 2008

    Oracle’s EPM System and Strategy
    Joel Beisner, Oracle

    Plantronics - A Case Study
    Michelle Breslin, Plantronics

    Case Study in Aligning Enterprise Systems and Processes with FPA
    Mark West, PCI

2008 OAUG Collaborate’08 Presentation – April 15, 2008

   2008 OAUG Collaborate'08

2008 NorCal OAUG Training Day Presentations - January 17, 2008

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2007 Oracle OpenWorld Presentation - October 11, 2007


Business to Business Integration and EDI with the Oracle E-Business Suite - October 3, 2007

    Miles Frederick, Cisco

    Marvell's B2B Automation
    Bill Meadows, Marvell
    Gaja Nagarajan, Mavell

    Oracle Management Integration with Oracle E-Commerce Gateway
    Susan Stecklair, Electronic Commerce, Inc.

    Integration of Oracle E-Business Suite with .NET based ServiceTrac for Service Request Management
    Shantanu Choudhury, 3PAR Data Inc.
    Sreen Munukutla, Idhasoft

    Customer Case Study of SST: Implementing Event based business process model using B2B, RosettaNet and Oracle Shop Floor Manager
    Jyothi Pingali, Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
    Rajeev Handa, USJade Corp

    Oracle's B2B Component of Fusion Middleware
    Jeffrey Hutchins, Oracle

Oracle R12 Day - August 14, 2007

    Advanced Procurement, What’s New in E-Business Suite Release 12: The Procurement Professional’s Release
    Mary Burns, Oracle Corporation

    Oracle Shop Floor Management What’s New in R12
    Tom Greene, Oracle Corporation

    Oracle Business Intelligence & Analytics
    Scot House, Oracle Corporation

    Oracle Channel Management
    Chris Kirby, Oracle Corporation

    E-Business Suite HCM 12 Release Highlights: Integrated Talent Management
    Peter LaSalle, Oracle Corporation

    Overview of the New Financial Architecture in Oracle E-Business Financials Release 12
    Julie Peacock, Oracle Corporation

    Evolving from Financial Complianceto Next Generation GRC
    Gary Prince, Oracle Corporation

    Oracle Application Integration Architecture 
    Delivering pre-built, standards-based cross-application business processes


Cash Management and Treasury - July 17, 2007

    Yahoo's Oracle Cash Management and Treasury Update

    Vikas Mahajan, Treasury and Cash Management SIG

    Paul Kirch, Directory Oracle Applications Consulting, Answerthink
    Best Practices Cash Management and Treasury

    John Killen, Global Solution Architect, Oracle
    Cash Management and Treasury


2007 NorCal OAUG Training Day Presentations - January 17, 2007

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Oracle's Supply Chain Management Products - August 23, 2006

The NorCal OAUG Board would like to encourage users interested in Supply Chain Management to join the OAUG-SIG for Supply Chain Management.

Duane Hardacre, Director of Planning/Purchasing & Corp. System Strategies, Finisar
DP -> APS -> GOP -> Collaborative Planning / i-Supplier:  The reality behind the mask

Mark Hopkins, Manager, Operations Systems,  Xilinx, Inc.
Oracle APS and GOP – Getting to Automated Sales Order Scheduling

Kenny Gilbert, Director of Technology Services, Silicon Image, Inc
Realizing Value Quickly with ASP and GOP

Raghu Manjunath, President, Advanced Planning Solutions, Inc
Oracle APS - An Implementer's View

Shankar Saikia, Solutions Specialist (Supply Chain Applications), Oracle
Demantra - Sneak Preview of Oracle's New Demand Planning Solution


2006 Oracle's Trading Community Architecture (TCA) - June 15, 2006

      Michele Dour's Presentation on TCA at Aspect

     Description: Description: Description: C:\JP_DATA_NorCalOAUG\images\button_mp3.jpg Audio of Michele Dour's Presentation on TCA at Aspect (25 minutes, 29MB)

      Mani Manda's Presentation on TCA

      Description: Description: Description: C:\JP_DATA_NorCalOAUG\images\button_mp3.jpgAudio of Mani Manda's Presentation on TCA (49 minutes, 58MB)

      Robert Roffey's Presentation on TCA at Xilinx

      Description: Description: Description: C:\JP_DATA_NorCalOAUG\images\button_mp3.jpgAudio of Robert Roffey's Presentation on TCA at Xilinx (20 minutes, 24MB)

      Indrajit Sen's Presentation on the current state of TCA and future directions in R12

      Description: Description: Description: C:\JP_DATA_NorCalOAUG\images\button_mp3.jpgAudio of Indrajit Sen's Presentation on the current state of TCA and future directions in R12 (19 minutes, 22MB)

      Description: Description: Description: C:\JP_DATA_NorCalOAUG\images\button_mp3.jpgAudio of the Questions and Answers to the TCA Panel (26 minutes, 30MB)

2006 NorCal OAUG Seminar Intercompany Transactions - March 23, 2006

      Hans Kolbe's Presentation on Intercompany Transactions

      Rixin Zhu's Presentation Intercompany Accounting and Transfer Pricing in Oracle EBS 11i.10

      John Peters's Presentation Inventory COGS Account Generator

      Agenda for the OAUG Collaborate'06 Multi-Org SIG Day

2006 NorCal OAUG Training Day Presentations - January 24, 2006

      57 - Presentations Under This Link

2005 Oracle OpenWorld Presentation - September 17, 2005


2005 Human Resources Seminar - May 18, 2005

      Susan Gulick, Solutions Partners, Portals Self Service HR Implementation

      Eric Zhou, Harmonic's 11.5.10 Upgrade Experience

      Robert Roffey, Xilinx's Open Enrollment Rollout

       Doug Bowman, Seagate's Automating User Accounts from HR Data

       Stuart Monk & John Cafolla, Oracle's 11.5.10 HR Summary of Changes and Trends

2005 Oracle Applications Day at Redwood Shores - April 8, 2005

      12 - Presentations Under This Link

2005 NorCal OAUG Training Day Presentations - March 7, 2005

     48 - Presentations Under This Link  

November 2004 Tips and Tricks Presentation

       Mohan's Folder Form Tips and Tricks

      John's Tips and Tricks Notes

      Navigation Card

OAUG Connection Point 2004 Presentation

       NorCal OAUG 09-2004.ppt

2004 Training Day - July 19, 2004

       46 - Presentations Under This Link  

Oracle E-Business Suite Testing Strategies

       Lynne D Paulus's slides on Mercury Interacive WinRunner and Manual Patching and Testing Strategies

       Ramesh Padmanabha's slides on Mercury Interactive LoadRunner

        Mercury Interactive contact information:
        Leo Cai,

Oracle Roundtable, Corporate Performance Management - February 24, 2004

         Overhead slides from various Oracle Presenters

Oracle Applications Reporting Solutions Comparisons - February 11, 2004

       Mary Burns, Daily Business Intelligence

       Brett Ford, Oracle Discoverer an overview

       Peg Pongpairoj, Noetix and Brio

       Jerry Reller, Creating and Editing FSG Reports with Oracle ADI

       Scott Tang, Reporting Oracle ERP Data with BusinessObjects

AppsWorld Presentation - January 27, 2004

        NorCal OAUG - 2004.ppt

Application management and Internal Controls (Sarbanes- Oxley and Oracle) - October 15, 2003

        Nigel King's Presentation on Oracle's ICM Product

        Sean Spillane's Presentation on Sarbanes- Oxley

        Arun Chugh's Presentation on Sarbanes- Oxley at Proxim

OAUG Presentation - September 16, 2003

        NorCal OAUG - 2003.ppt

Intercompany Gap in Oracle Applications

        Global Inventory Shipments A Buy Sell Solution
      IC Gap Presentation

2003 Training Day - February 27, 2003

       36 - Presentations Under This Link  

AppsWorld - January 19, 2003

        NorCal OAUG AppsWorld Presentation

Project Accounting - November 12, 2002

        (no presentations were made available)

Workflow and the Oracle Applications - September 18, 2002

Mark Craig's Workflow Product Directions Presentation

Jag Padala's Workflow Case Study

Kenny Gilbert and John Peters, Oracle Alert and Workflow Comparision With Examples

Bharanidharan Seshan's Workflow Case Study

John Peters Workflow Tips and Tricks Presentation

WMS (warehouse management system)/Shipping/Distribution - July 16, 2002

    Brent Peters' Presentation on Implementing WMS

    JP Laloux's Presentation on WMS

    Oracle Transportation Presentation

iProcurement in Action - May 7, 2002

   Raghav Keshav's Power Point Presentation

    Jeff Kitagawa's Power Point Presentation

    Portal Software's Requisition Approval Notification Customizations

Myths about global and international implementations - March 19, 2002

    Hans Kolbe's Case Studies

    Hans Kolbe's Power Point Presentation

    Brian Moore's Power Point Presentation

2002 Training Day - January 23, 2002

    36 - Presentation Under This Link

Human Resources - May 22, 2001

    Event Program
    Presentation by William Swenson, Oracle Corporation

Order Management - July 17, 2001

    Presentation by Douglass Visscher, Oracle Corporation