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LUNCH KEYNOTE Oracle's Industry Leading Support
David  Hare, Senior Vice President, Global Customer Support, Oracle Corporation
Presentation will cover Oracle's Lifetime Support policies, Applications Unlimited, Oracle's recent awards and why they're good for customers--i.e. what the superior ownership experience means--as well as our current objectives and how they relate to the future of Oracle Support.
LUNCH KEYNOTE Achieving Greater Business Insight with Oracle BI and Analytic Applications: Vision and Overview
Joe Thomas, Senior Director, BI Applications, Oracle
Oracle's comprehensive set of analytic applications provides greater business insight by proactively guiding users to make the most informed decisions. Oracle's analytic applications deliver business intelligence, planning and budgeting, consolidation, profitability management, and reporting across your enterprise. In addition, open, prebuilt, industry-specific analytic applications provide actionable intelligence for each business function and user role. In this session, attendees will gain access to Oracle's thoughts, strategies and roadmap for Oracle's analytic and BI applications, for both individual product family areas (Oracle EBS, Peoplesoft Enterprise, Siebel) and Oracle Fusion.
1.02 CRM Oracle Quoting Implementation Case Study
Jim  Peters, Manager Web Applications, Dionex Corporation
This presentation will detail the implementation of Oracle Quoting at Dionex.  The following topics will be covered:
- Setup
- Usage
- Issues Found
- Customizations Required
This presentation will include a live demo of the Oracle Quoting module.
3.02 CRM Credit Management - An easy solution for evaluating customer creditworthiness
Gaurav Tomar, Senior Application Analyst, TIBCO Software Inc.
Usha Raghavan, Technical Lead, Ubex Corporation
Oracle Credit Management provides a seamless process for evaluating creditworthiness of customers and prospects. It provides a framework to capture and store a wealth of internal and external data including integration with D&B. The module is flexible to allow creation of credit policies tailored to meet any business needs. This presentation is based on an implementation at TIBCO Software Inc., where the credit evaluation process is being streamlined using Oracle Credit Management module.
4.02 CRM Integrating Oracle Quoting with Trade Management and Pricing
Holli Lien, WW Channel Operations Manager, Finisar
Managing pricing and quoting can be a complex business process in itself.  Add in the fact that you are also selling through a distribution channel and it now becomes very challenging and can require multiple applications to support.  We will show you how we leveraged public APIs to integrate Oracle HTML Quoting with Oracle Trade Management for managing Ship & Debits and with Pricing to manage customer specific pricing for Order Management.  This allowed us to present one tool and process to our sales team, whether they are internal or external and whether they are quoting a direct customer or a special price agreement for a distributor’s end customer.
5.02 CRM Field Service Implementation Case Study
Almir Hrnjadovic, System Analyst, Dionex Corporation
This presentation will detail the implementation of Field Service at Dionex.  The following topics will be covered:
- Setup
- Usage
- Issues Found
- Customizations Required
This presentation will include a live demo of the Field Service module.
6.02 CRM Oracle BI Update for Oracle E Business Suite
Scot House, Solution Consultant, Oracle Corporation
Come see Oracle’s new Business Intelligence offerings – Fusion Intelligence for the Oracle E Business Suite and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications.
1.03 Financials Maximize Returns from Oracle Internet Expense by enabling Corporate Credit Cards
Venkat Natarajan, Sr. Applications Manager, Rambus Inc.
Himani Shah, Senior Consultant, Ubex Corporation
1. Reduce AP overheads
2. Simplify expense reporting
3. Tighten internal controls
Above are a few business benefits that Rambus realized by enhancing its Oracle Internet Expense module with the corporate credit cards functionality.
Learn the process of expense reporting with corporate credit cards, implementation of Oracle vanilla functionality, interface with credit card providers and get tips for an easy implementation.
1.04 Financials User Defined Attributes - The Magic Bullet for Oracle Project Customizations
Neeraj  Garg, Associate VP, Client Services, Project Partners LLC
Oracle Projects introduced User-Defined Attributes (UDAs) with Oracle Family Pack K (RUP1), 11.5.9. UDAs are similar to DFFs but much more powerful in 4 major ways:
1.They are unlimited, YES – UNLIMITED unlike DFFs wherein you are at the whims and fancies of the Oracle developer – 10, 15, 20….
2.You can have many records of data associated to a single entity as opposed to only 1 record. For example, if I would like to associate the name and description of many products that are associated to my project, this cannot be achieved with DFFs but because UDAs support association of multiple records, this is easily doable.
3.They can be setup in Oracle Projects to look and feel like a standard setup option for the project thus allowing for no additional training issue.
4.UDAs provide for a function accessed via a link or a button that can be used to call any validation/processing logic needed.
Before going too far, let’s discuss some shortcomings with UDAs… 1.UDAs are available only with the HTML based screens that come with Oracle Project Management and hence unless you are implementing this application you are out of luck. 2.UDA display screens are a little clumsy:  a.UDA screens do not scroll and hence if you have a multi-record element that has a lot of attributes, each row wraps around itself causing each record to become pretty “fat”.  b.There is no capacity for real time sorts or searches and hence UDAs are not recommended for large amounts of records that cannot be easily found in 1 or 2 pages.  c.Delete icon cannot be hidden and hence in order to hold Audit information, you need to have a trigger on the UDA table to disable deletes.  d.UDA’s are available only for Projects and Tasks although they can be controlled by Project Type and or classifications.
But if you can deal with these minor irritants, UDAs open a wonderful world of possibilities that allow you to meet requirements not met by Oracle functionality seamlessly.
Here are a few real life examples how we at Project Partners have used UDAs to meet various customer requirements:
1.Financial Setup for Project via Project Management.
2.Setup and Maintenance of Project Approval Matrix and a Complete Approval History
In Summation, if you can ignore a few minor irritants, UDAs can open up a new world for all of you in implementation roles. This world now allows you to create simple, integrated custom screens that you need to meet gaps from your customer requirements. The coolest thing is that if you use standard Oracle APIs, this is completely upgradeable.
Happy Customizing….
2.03 Financials Eliminating Processing Bottlenecks in the Oracle EBS Financial Period Close
Alex Givens, Sr Technical Architect, AppWorx Corporation
Manual processing bottlenecks in the Financial Period Close lengthen the close, introduce errors, increase risk and hamper compliance efforts. This presentation not only highlights potential bottlenecks but also discusses how automation can eliminate bottlenecks and drive more efficient processing.
Supplemental Material
2.04 Financials Business Process Improvement through AP Automation
Cliff Autin, Account Manager, ReadSoft
Thousands of Oracle E-Business Suite users are benefiting from Document Automation technology to enable AP departments to overcome tedious work, such as keying in information from incoming invoices, so that it is handled automatically.  ReadSoft will explain all functionality, including flow monitoring capabilities, automatic validation, tools for high speed verification, streamlined transfer, approval workflow and EDI.  By utilizing these tools, Oracle E-Business Suite users can increase efficiency of AP processing while cutting down on manual handling costs by as much as 50%.  E-Business Suite users who expect the ultimate level of automation can benefit from the capacity, accuracy, speed, flexibility and ease of use of Document Automation technology for AP that also allows for Sarbanes Oxley compliance.
2.11 Financials Streamline your financial processes with Really Real Time© Inquiry Suite
Phil Walton, , The GL Company
The presentation will focus on the business benefits of empowering today’s Finance organization by transforming the JDE and eBS financial systems into a real-time financial data warehouse without moving the data out of the financial ledgers.  We will highlight the risk to financial data integrity, user access security and application functionality caused by the widespread practice of exporting data to spreadsheets and into separate data warehouses.  We will demonstrate the end user ease of use of our Really Real Time© Inquiry Suite solution and it’s role in accelerating the month end reporting cycle, ad-hoc data inquiries through to consolidated global reporting.
3.03 Financials Daily Revenue Recognition Solution at Wind River
Kuldeep Tanwar, Manager Business Apps, Wind River
Windriver is a software company and has implemented an extension for calculating daily revenue recognition . Oracle standard functionality does not allow daily revenue recognition unless you define each day as a period. Wind River implemented a solution to meet this requirement. I will talk about the solution options and the solution we implemented at Wind River
3.04 Financials Integrating Oracle Project Management 11.5.10 M  with External Scheduling Tools
Sam Uttarwar, Principal Consultant, Project Partners
Microsoft Project and Primavera Project Planner are two of the most widely used desktop project scheduling tools in the industry today. Many users of Oracle Project Management also use these desktop tools for planning and scheduling their project work and resources while utilizing the enterprise capabilities of Oracle Project Management for many advanced project management features. Using the native and third-party integration tools, the workplans created in Oracle Project Management and in the popular project scheduling tools can be very effectively integrated allowing users to derive maximum benefits from using the desktop scheduling tools and Oracle Project Management together within the enterprise.
4.03 Financials Learn how to use Oracle's new Tax Reporting Ledger - A well-kept secret
Hans Kolbe, Partner, Celantra Systems
This powerful new functionality has has gone nearly unnoticed over the last 2 years. Oracle's Financial Tax Reporting Ledger has been fully developed in release 11.5.10.  It supports comprehensive tax and financial reporting from AR, AP and GL through a tax “data warehouse”. We will show the base structure, seeded functionality, and configuration options. Finally review a model for a common global tax reporting extract, while maintaining multiple country specific formats.  Hans Kolbe of Celantra Systems is chair of the multi-national SIG group of the OAUG. 
4.04 Financials Enterprise Project suite implementation at Wind River
Kuldeep Tanwar, Manager Business Applications, Wind River
We implemented Enterprise project suite at Wind River in Dec 2005, we will review issues faced during the projects implementation and one year after the implementation. We have implemented Project management, project resource management, OTL, iexpenses, Project Costing and Billing.
5.03 Financials Closing and Reconciling Oracle Receivables
Cathy Cakebread, Independent Consultant, Cathy Cakebread
The close process is synonymous with stress! You need for the close to be quick, accurate and reliable.  With a clear and consistent process you can insure that you are comfortable with your results and that you have the proper backup.  You can confirm that both your Accounts Receivable activity balances to the changes in your Aging and that your Accounts Receivable and General Ledger values are in sync and, if not, why not. This presentation provides a step by step process for doing just that.
Supplemental Material
6.03 Financials Shared Services in R12
Mary Burns, SC, Oracle Corporation
Increase the efficiency of shared services and single database operations with streamlined processing, reporting, and access across operating units.
1.05 General The Future is here Using UPK for Oracle’s eBusiness Suite
Kenny  Gilbert, Director of Technology Services , Silicon Image
Come to this presentation for a chance to win an iPod donated by Oracle.
The future is here indeed!  Come to this session and learn how silicon Image is utilizing Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) and Solbourne content to create a complete training development and delivery program for their integrated implementation of the eBusiness Suite. UPK is also avalible for Peoplesoft and JDE
2.01 General The Challenges of Managing Risk and Controls while Implementing Oracle e-Business Suite
Liz Doster, Associate Partner, IBM Global Business Serivces
In the post-Sarbanes-Oxley world, effective controls and security are a “must have” and many companies seek an integrated approach to major systems and transformation projects. The simple truth is that today’s regulatory environment has had a significant impact on the need to integrate controls into the ERP implementation process. This has been a direct result of the Sarbanes- Oxley compliance requirements. Companies are pushing back regarding the on-going effort and cost of monitoring and maintaining compliant controls to meet SOX requirements. Most companies view these costs as unaffordable and are demanding that their ERP systems integrate properly designed controls as part of the ERP implementation process.Companies want to decrease the manual efforts and reduce the excessive cost of compliance and are now requesting assistance in designing and help in ensuring that proper (and compliant) controls are integrated into their ERP implementations. We will present an integrated approach that brings experience and skills across all project dimensions – controls, tax, applications, analytics, process, change, project management and technology. This presentation will discuss the challenges and potential solutions, using real world examples from companies across a variety of industries and sizes, to managing risk and controls while implementing Oracle E-Business Suite.
2.02 General Set up a successful reporting solution with Oracle Discoverer and other tools
Joe Dahl,  Sales Consultant, Noetix
Learn the key elements in setting up a successful reporting solution with Oracle Discoverer – leverage dashboards and Microsoft Excel, along with other familiar reporting tools to empower users to securely create and share their own reports. Make query and reporting tool setup automatic for Discoverer super users and allow business users and executives to get the fast answers they need to make important daily decisions.  

Attend this session and discover options that enable your organization to securely access data from multiple sources in real-time across your enterprise—presenting data from disparate data sources as if that data resided in a single database.  In this demonstration we will also discuss how to simplify and extend the value of Oracle DBI and use Oracle's BI tools, including Warehouse Builder for ETL and Discoverer 10g for performing multi-dimensional analysis.
2.05 General Enterprise Returns Management, Speed, visibility and control for improved profits
Grant Woolf, Pre-Sales Director, ClearOrbit, Inc.
ClearOrbit takes a comprehensive approach to automating returns management, recognizing this is a component of optimizing the entire supply network. The same trading partners involved in returns management - contract manufacturers, 3PLs, component suppliers - are also critical partners in the forward supply chain. By including returns management within a broader solution, substantial efficiency gains can be realized.  This session will cover the aspects of returns management supported in the Oracle e-business suite and the high value extensions to Oracle that ClearOrbit offers to manufacturers and distributors to maximize profits and retain a high level customer service.
2.08 General Auditing the DBA; What non-technical managers and auditors should know.
Cam Larner, President, Absolute Technologies
In these days of SOX compliance, functional applications experts are being assigned to develop and maintain proper controls.  These individuals are well suited to design and approve business process related controls, but are often ill equipped when it comes to understanding how to audit and control technical professionals, like DBAs and IT Staff, whose methods of access to enterprise data may be confusing or unknown to non-techies.
Nevertheless, steps must be taken to introduce appropriate and effective controls and support these controls by creating and maintaining a secure audit trail.  To accomplish this, those managers and auditors tasked with compliance must gain better understanding of the roles, privileges and capabilities of their DBAs, and how to effectively audit DBA activity in the database.  They cannot simply rely on DBAs themselves to develop measures to audit themselves.  This would violate basic segregation of duties principles.
This paper will discuss the approaches to and issues with auditing the DBA, addressed to non-technical managers and auditors.
2.09 General Segregation of Duties: Beyond Provisioning to Real-Time Access Management
Mark Stebelton, Consultant, LogicalApps
Ineffective Segregation of Duties (SOD) has been a key factor contributing to the high cost of compliance for most companies.  While some technology providers are offering solutions to automate the "detection and prevention" of SOD violations, the focus of these solutions has largely been on the provisioning process – restricting the functions end-users can perform through application configuration files or security systems.  However, removing conflicting access for every user is impossible for most companies where employees have to wear more than one hat.  And since operational and financial risk happens at many points across a business process, mitigating that risk requires you to manage user access in real-time, protecting transactions and critical data elements long after the user has been "provisioned".
Attend this session to learn how leading companies are using a variety of embedded governance techniques to deploy compensating controls that provide access prevention down to the field level, as well as continuous transaction monitoring to detect suspicious activity – both critical to any comprehensive SOD program.  
3.05 General Future Shock: Impact of HRMS Implementation on Existing Non-HR Modules
Mohan Dutt, Global Oracle Team Member, Hyperion Solutions Corporation
We implemented Oracle HRMS on an instance where nearly twenty modules are already live. Our HRMS implementation required changing the job flexfield, creating new HR organizations, changing location codes and implementing contingent worker functionality. These changes created a cascade of far-reaching impacts across modules like Projects, Purchasing, iProcurement, iExpense and Project Resource Management. This case study presents the 'tsunami effect' that might surprise you with a sudden big wave of change. You will learn how to address the non-HRMS module impacts for a successful implementation!
5.05 General Regression Testing the Oracle E-Business Suite
A Kumar Acharya, Production Control, Marvell Semiconductor
A Kumar Acharya  - Marvell Semiconductor Inc. ,
Ramesh Padmanabhan - Entegration Software Inc
Marvell is the industry leader in high performance broadband communications technologies that enable next-generation networking and storage products. Marvell offers diverse solutions that touch every point of the communications infrastructure.  Their business operations are enabled by Oracle’s E-Business suite V 11i.  Their Oracle e-Business foot print covers Oracle Financials, Oracle Manufacturing, Oracle Distribution, Oracle HR and Payroll.  They have chosen Oracle as the single vendor for their business applications.  They have complex processes that support a $2B business.  They have IT organizations supporting key business users in the USA, Germany, Israel and Singapore. 
6.05 General Xilinx Customer Data Hub - Lessons Learned (so far)
Pratish Pandit, Project Manager, Xilinx
Xilinx is about to go live with their implementation of the Customer Data Hub (based on Oracle TCA).  During this past year we have made several interesting discoveries about our data, our processes, the tool(s), and their impacts to our project.  Although we are not quite live yet, the lessons we have learned will be useful to anyone considering or starting an implementation.
4.05 Human Resources Compensation Workbench
Ted  Geary, Principal, Natrona Technologies
A discussion on implementing one of Oracle's most important tools for users of HRMS.  The discussion will include the features and the importance of integration with Oracle HR/Payroll.  The discussion will include the advantages to using this tool along with Oracle Advanced Benfits.
1.10 JDE Purging Strategies with JD Edwards Software
Steve Colgrove, President, Platinum 21
Learn how to prepare, plan and execute purging processes within either the JD Edwards World or the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environments.  Additionally, learn how to develop a repeatable strategy for continued purging processing on periodic, go-forward basis.
1.11 JDE JDE E1 8.12 Operational Sourcing (SRM)
Joel Schipper, SC, Oracle Corporation
This is a Net New application to license in 8.12 (G43Q), and Includes new self-service portal applications.  It is focused on a mid-market company needing to conduct on-line bidding resulting in a specific purchase award, either a one-time PO or a Blanket PO.  It covers sourcing materials from the item master as well as commodities such as services or indirect purchases.  Be aware that this solution is not intended as best of breed solution for strategic vendor sourcing or  live, reverse-auction events with multiple rounds of bidding, and does not generate a “contract” document.  However, it is an excellent complement to EnterpriseOne's already strong Procurement application as well as the recent Requisition Self Service application.
2.10 JDE Reducing the cost of compliance in JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne
Stephen Davies, Q Software Global Limited
Increasing legislation makes compliance more complex. However, many organizations not effected by legislation still implement internal corporate governance procedures and controls as they derive business benefit from doing so. This presentation will identify key elements of effective governance and compliance (analysis, security management, segregation of duties, security compliance reporting and auditing), and review solutions for both JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne, that will reduce your cost of compliance at every stage.
3.10 JDE System Review - The Forgotten Implementation Step
Steve Colgrove, President, Platinum 21
Learn how to leverage more from your existing JD Edwards World or EnterpriseOne investment.  Look to assess your current usage of your system and work to re-align your system functionality with current business processes and current personnel.  Learn to create a Product Strategy Roadmap for your organization.
3.11 JDE Self Service Overview
Joel Schipper, SC, Oracle Corporation
This is a high level survey and demo of the various self service portal applications available in EnterpriseOne, including B2B applications for customers (sales and service), suppliers, buyers, plus internally focused portals for "untrained" users doing purchase requisitions and human resource activities.
Supplemental Materials
4.10 JDE Implementing JDE Equipment and Service Management at Monaco Coach Corporation
John Lynch, VP, Solution Delivery, Systems Management, Inc.
Monaco Coach recently implementated EnterpriseOne 8.11 and specifically used JDE CRM to streamline their service and warranty processes.  Monaco implemented, equipment install base, warranty contracts, supplier recovery, and case management.  All of these application help support Monaco's customer service initiatives.  Implementation is less than a year old but is already reducing the cost of warranty and service work.
4.11 JDE Upgrading to 8.12
Joel Schipper, SC, Oracle Corporation
This is a recap of a session originaly given by Dan Stern at several Quest/OAUG and Oracle Open World events.   There are pointers are on Executing a Successful JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Upgrade, and on Best Practices for Upgrading JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.
5.10 JDE JD Edwards World A 9.1 - What's New for World Users
Steve Colgrove, President, Platinum 21
Learn what's new with the first brand new release of World software in many years.  Understand how this new release brings better Web based user interface capabilities, new application functionality and a better upgrade experience.
6.10 JDE Tips & Techniques - JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Fusion Middleware
Ashish Kalawadia, Sr. Architect, SYSTIME
JDE EnterpriseOne on Oracle Fusion Middleware - Yes, it works!. Join this ground-breaking technical session to learn what were the important tasks and considerations to become one of the first companies to embrace and implement JDE EnterpriseOne on the Oracle Fusion Middleware. The primary focus of this presentation is to share the Technical-CNC tips and tricks, along with the lessons learned to successfully implement EnterpriseOne with JAS-HTML on RedHat Linux using Oracle Application Server. Methodical checklists will be discussed to enable you to successfully take the first step towards Fusion.
1.06 Manufacturing Oracle APS and GOP – Getting to Automated Sales Order Scheduling
Joel Richomme, Business Analysis Manager, Xilinx, Inc
Presentation will review the Global Order Promising at Xilinx.  We will review the goals set for our GOP Implementation and where we are today in our use of Advance Supply Chain Planning.  What we had to do to make GOP work at Xilinx and some of the key lessons learned will be shared in the presentation.
2.06 Manufacturing Manufacturing and Distribution with Global Outsourced Operations
Tony Della-Croce, VP Solutions Architecture, Core Services
We have arrrived at the nexus of two powerful trends in business process improvement and product manufacturing operations management.  One, lean operations, offer streamlined flow of value to the customer with minimal inventory and waste.  The other, outsourcing, offers dramatically lower cost of goods sold (COGS).  Both can result in highly competitive pricing positions and healthy profit margins.  Explore how the right consulting and hosting partner can be your one stop solution for Implementing Your Lean and OUtsource Mfg. Environment
3.06 Manufacturing Oracle BI Update for PeopleSoft Enterprise & JD Edwards
Norma Penson, Solution Consultant, Oracle Corporation
Come see Oracle’s new Business Intelligence offerings – Fusion Intelligence for PeopleSoft Enterprise and JD Edwards as well as a our new Oracle Business Intelligence Applications.
4.06 Manufacturing "What's the big deal about Demantra?" - Openworld's Best
Shankar Saikia, SC, Oracle Corporation
Demantra is a best in class solution for demand management, sales and operations planning and trade promotions management. Demantra offers customers a comprehensive solution for the extended enterprise that enhances demand visibility with powerful analytics for more accurate demand-driven planning, forecasting, and modeling.
5.04 Manufacturing 11i Cost Cutoff Date to Retroactively Cost Transactions
Eric Guether, IT Director, Opnext, Inc.
Learn to use the Cost Cutoff Date functionality in EBS 11i to defer the costing of transactions for several days or longer while an org updates its frozen costs.  Once cost updates have completed, any uncosted transactions will essentially be valued retroactively using the new frozen costs.  Examples will include an Account Alias Issue transaction in 11i Inventory and a Work Order-less Completion in 11i WIP.  The impact of the Cost Cutoff Date on intercompany invoicing will also be addressed.
Supplemental Material
5.06 Manufacturing What's new in eBusiness Shop Floor Management - R12
Tom Greene, SC, Oracle Corporation
Oracle Shop Floor Management (OSFM) has been enhanced significantly with each of the 11i releases… and now Release 12 goes even further!  OSFM enhancements in R12 provide it with even deeper functionality for semiconductor manufacturing and also enable it to now serve a broad set of Advanced Manufacturing models beyond semiconductor!  Come see what's coming in R12!
6.06 Manufacturing Compatible Partners - OSFM and a Manufacturing Execution System
Rick Tait, Manufacturing Systems Manager, Power Integrations, Inc.
Power Integrations, a fabless semiconductor manufacturer, is implementing Oracle’s Shop Floor Management System as a cost accounting solution. This presentation will focus on the challenges encountered and the solution components employed to successfully interface OSFM with an existing Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The discussion will include handling multiple organizations, managing only selected transactions from the MES, and working with different part numbers between the two systems.
1.01 Oracle Support Oracle Advanced Support Tools and Resources
Jack Malloch/Will Toms, Oracle Support
Leverage your investment in Oracle Global Customer Services by fully utilizing MetaLink's advanced proactive tools and resources, and new and improved features.
3.01 Oracle Support Customer Connection Tips and Support Best Practices
Jack Malloch/Will Toms, Oracle Support
Leverage your investment in Oracle's Global Customer Services by fully utilizing the information and tools available to you through the Customer Connection portal. 
4.01 Oracle Support Oracle Advanced Support Tools and Resources
Jack Malloch/Will Toms, Oracle Support
Leverage your investment in Oracle Global Customer Services by fully utilizing MetaLink's advanced proactive tools and resources, and new and improved features.
5.01 Oracle Support Oracle Configuration Support Manage
Jack Malloch/Will Toms, Oracle Support
How CSM can help you accelerate problem resolution, diagnose system issues before they become critical, increase system performance and availability, and reduce IT risks and costs.
6.01 Oracle Support Siebel Support Web Tips and Support Best Practices
Jack Malloch/Will Toms, Oracle Support
Siebel Support Web Tips and Support Best Practices
Leverage your investment in Oracle's Global Customer Services by making effective use of all the resources available through the Support Web portal.
1.07 Order Management Discoverer Portlets for Sharing 11i OM and Shipping Data With Customers
Eric Guether, IT Director, Opnext, Inc.
This presentation explains how Opnext leveraged its investment in Discoverer Desktop to implement an Oracle Portal to provide external customers with open sales order and actual shipment data from 11i Order Mgmt.  Opnext achieved this by creating a Portal site with Discoverer portlets.  Each portlet was the pre-cached result set from a Discoverer 9i Desktop workbook whose data was refreshed by Web Cache.  A Portal demo, including shipment tracking links to carrier websites, will be shown.
Supplemental Materials
2.07 Order Management Integrating Global Trade Management into your Order Management System
David Morgenstern, Vice President, Kewill
Support for Global Trade and distribution can best be managed with an Oracle integrated solution that provides compliance screening prior to order acceptance, and proper trade documentation (including international carrier manifesting) for shipment, driven directly through an Oracle interface.  This provides an end-to-end solution for suppporting international customers, while enabling the company with clear auditable compliance standards, and minimized cost distribution.  It also accelerates time-in-transit for customer deliveries, as international shipments can be handled in-line with domestic distribution. 
3.07 Order Management Match, Manage & Motivate To Grow Sales With Oracle Incentive Compensation
Inderjit Bains, SC, Oracle Corporation
Learn how OIC will help you to match  your organization's objectives with your sales compensation plans to motivate winning sales behavior. We will focus on new functionality to help you manage the increasingly dynamic demands of sales compensation.
4.07 Order Management Best Practices in Oracle Contracts
Vinod Garg, Principal Consultant, Business System Consulting
Please join the OAUG Contracts Special Interest Group panel discussion: Best Practices in Oracle Contracts. Panel members from Oracle and power users from leading corporations will share some of their best practices using the Oracle Contracts suite. The panel discussion will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with the audience.
1.08 PeopleSoft Advanced Reporting Techniques for PeopleSoft Enterprise
Larry Grey, President, Grey Sparling Solutions, Inc.
Come to this session to learn how to solve new problems with the reporting technology available to you. The session discusses techniques for improving the use and adoption of PS/Query and nVision, plus techniques for reducing the ongoing operational costs of reporting in your organization. You'll leave this session with a greater understanding of how to get more from your existing Oracle's PeopleSoft installation as you prepare for Oracle Fusion.
1.12 PeopleSoft Global Upgrade to Enterprise HCM v8.9 at Morrison & Foerster
Tim Mara, Principal Consultant, Optimum Solutions
San Francisco-based Morrison & Foerster, LLP is one of the world’s largest law firms with 1,000 attorneys in 19 offices worldwide.  This session will describe how they deployed the HCM v8.9 solution globally to upgrade all employment business processes necessary to hire, employ and manage its 2,400 staff and attorneys worldwide. 
2.12 PeopleSoft Resume Processing Technology Update:  PeopleSoft eRecruit & Talent Acquisition
Kevin Vondemkamp, Western Regional Business Development Director, Resume Mirror
Kevin’s presentation will discuss “pain points” in the recruiting process and how new technologies can make the process more efficient and effective for both job seekers and recruiters. The presentation will review web-based recruiting methods and how new technologies can handle the multitude of options given to job seekers for resume submission. Software tools for automatic resume processing from Outlook, along with conceptual search technology.
3.12 PeopleSoft Upgrading PeopleSoft HCM
Anne Meyer, Director, Optimum Solutions
This session will cover the extensive new functionality available in v8.9,  provide a comparison between 8.9 and previous releases (8.8/8.3/8.0),  review v8.9 structural and technical changes,  provide keys to a successful upgrade,  and show a live demo of the HCM v8.9 environment.
4.12 PeopleSoft Achieving HR best practices through Peoplesoft Human Capital Management
Praveen Gupta, Manager, Answerthink, Inc
Capturing industry best practices in PeopleSoft Human Capital Management is what yields greater returns of efficiency and effectiveness.  In this session we discover how world-class organizations are translating proven HCM best practices to improve their HR processes and achieve better benefits.
5.11 PeopleSoft Update on 9.0 HR
Robert Lowry, SC, Oracle Corporation
Please attend to see an overview of the new features and enhancements in Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM 9.0.  The release includes new products, features and functions that set the foundation for creating workforce excellence.
5.12 PeopleSoft Achieving Payroll best practices though PeopleSoft Payroll
Praveen Gupta, Manager, Answerthink, Inc
Capturing industry best practices in PeopleSoft Payroll is what yields greater returns of efficiency and effectiveness.  In this session we discover how world-class organizations are translating proven Payroll best practices to improve their payroll processes and achieve better cost benefits. We will also share a case study for an organization with 27 independent business units
6.11 PeopleSoft PeopleSoft Financials v9.0
Jane Guice, Director, Optimum Solutions
This session will provide a functional comparison between PeopleSoft's latest release of Financial Management, v9.0, and prior versions.
6.12 PeopleSoft Advanced PeopleTools Tips and Techniques
Larry Grey, Grey Sparling Solutions, Inc.
This session teaches you how to take better advantage of your Oracle/PeopleSoft applications. The session covers tips that you can use to make your end-users' life easier (you'll be a hero when you return!). You'll also leave the session with some tips that will make your life as a developer easier.
3.08 Procurement Direct Procurement Lean Manufacturing and Indirect Procurement Spend Management
Paul Kirch, Sr. Manager, IT Procurement, Qualcomm, Incorporated
Lean Manufacturing:
Powerpoint presentation will describe Qualcomm's use of Oracle applications to drive a corporate transformation as the company moves towards a "lean manufacturing" procurement process.  The presentation and discussion will cover:
1) Qualcomm's use of SOI (Supplier Owned Inventory)
2) Procurement Automation using Planners Workbench and Automatic Releases
3) E-Commerce Gateway and Supply Chain Planning with Vendors
4) Creation and integration of Tijuana-based shelter operation
5) Preparations and planning for joint manufacturing with Contract Manufacturer based in Guadalajara, Mexico
6) Integration with plants in Hungary
7) International rollout plans and proposed schedule
8) Question and comments
4.08 Procurement AME (Approvals Management Engine) with iProcurement – A better solution
Manoj Desai, Project Manager, TIBCO Software Inc
Dharmang Purohit, Consultant, Ubex Corporation
Use Oracle Approvals Management Engine (AME) to design innovative approval strategies to assist in your decision making process upfront. Reduce turnaround time for requisition approvals and simplify organization hierarchy maintenance. Learn more about the benefits of using AME with iProcurement versus the perils of core Purchasing approval structures. The presentation highlights key scenarios from implementation standpoint at TIBCO Software Inc., a leading business integration and process management software provider.
5.08 Procurement iProcurement Around the World
Carl Harter, WW Director - General Procurement, Logitech
Using iProcurement as the primary requisitioning system for all regions, including "punchouts", custom approval routing, and desktop receiving.
6.08 Procurement Supply Chain Management Implementation at Qualcomm
Paul Kirch, Senior Manager, Supply Chain IT, Qualcomm, Inc.
Qualcomm is moving from a legacy financials and supply chain management system to Oracle 11.5.10 and is an important Oracle development partner.  The paper will describe Qualcomm's project approach to implementing Oracle and replacing PeopleSoft, describe the high level design considerations, and the use of Planners Workbench to drive efficiencies in the Production Procurement area.  The paper will cover all areas of Procurement including:
1) Planning - Planners Workbench
2) Procurement, including EDI
3) Payables
4) Inventory
5) International Finance
1.14 RTV Demystifying Fusion – OAUG's Three Step Program
John Stouffer, OAUG Fusion Council, Solution Beacon
Presented by Fusion Council Chair John Stouffer, this presentation is designed to “lift the curtain and show how the magic tricks are performed”. Subjects will include Fusion Technology, Oracle’s Path to Fusion Applications, Building Business Processes in Fusion, and The Roadmap to Fusion Applications.
2.14 RTV How the OAUG is Working for the Oracle User Community – Your Step-by-Step Toolkit for Integration into the OAUG Community of Users
Gail  Peterson , Executive Director, Global User Group Programs , OAUG 
Join your fellow Oracle users for an overview of the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) services toolkit, which enables user networking and information sharing.

Obtain the insight and advice you need to effectively implement, manage, upgrade, and integrate your business solutions.  The OAUG understands the real issues you face every day in building business around customers.  Learn how to access best-practices and lessons learned, and participate in user networking and information sharing through geographic and special interest group user communities. Discover how to participate in OAUG leadership councils, which are vehicles for customer input regarding Oracle product direction, enhancements, support and pricing.  This is your opportunity to take an active part in creating your User Community – you can make a difference!  
3.14 RTV Release 11i/12 Care and Feeding – Applications DBA 101
John Stouffer, Solution Beacon
The focus of this presentation will be to share "real world" experience as well as tips and techniques to administer and maintain the complex Oracle Applications environments delivered with Release 11i and Release 12.  With the increased complexities and interdependent technology components introduced in Release 11i ( and Release 12, the job responsibilities of an Oracle Applications DBA are even more significant than with previous ERP releases.  The Oracle Applications DBA becomes a multi-faceted role, a Technology Specialist whose responsibilities span from the network to the operating system, database and applications to the client desktop.  Get a "real world" perspective as well as tips and techniques to administer and maintain the complex Oracle Applications environments delivered with Release 11i and Release 12.
4.14 RTV Database Growth:  Problems and Solutions
Thomas Boyd, Hewlett Packard
Many companies are facing increased growth in the amount of data stored in their Oracle databases. This paper examines how database size impacts many areas, including system performance, backup and recovery, software upgrades, and more. Common strategies for coping with database growth, such as infrastructure upgrades, Oracle partitioning, and archiving, are also discussed.
5.14 RTV Release 11i/12 Security
John Stouffer, Solution Beacon
Terrorism, identity theft, 9/11.  It’s no longer a safe world, and corporate data needs to be protected from not only the external bad guys, but also the internal ones as well!  Many companies believe this won’t happen to them – until it’s too late.  This presentation is the second in the series following the popular “30 Minute Release 11i Security – Keeping the Bad Guys Away” which covered “quick hits” to improve your security posture with 30 minutes of effort.  This presentation provides the attendee with additional ways to further improve the security of your Release 11i/12 environment and protect your valuable data.  With a relatively minimal effort, Mr. Stouffer will provide real world examples and best practices of how substantial security benefits can be obtained in just a few days. Security tips and tricks specific to the Oracle Applications will also be provided to enable administrators to protect their data from "the bad guys". 
6.14 RTV Business Process Language (BPEL) - The Wave to the Future
Paul Cyphers, Solution Beacon
Business processes have for a long time been an integral and important part of leveraging and managing ERP applications.  All the major applications (Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and SAP) have spent a great deal of time mapping business processes to the software processes.  During the later 1990s there was an extensive movement towards standardizing an execution language that could be deployed over multiple applications.  Oracle now utilizes Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) in the execution of these processes within and across multiple applications to meet business requirements.  With the addition of other major applications to the Oracle product line, there is a need to understand how this impacts the integration of applications for the future.  The presentation provides an overview of what BPEL is and what it currently does, along with an understanding of how this impacts the integration through Fusion Middleware and Oracle’s future Fusion software.  Also included is a demo of how the Oracle BPEL tool can be deployed to integrate and orchestrate applications using the various components of the service oriented architecture.
1.13 Siebel Siebel Enterprise Upgrade Best Practices
Amy Mattes, Apex IT          
To upgrade or not.  It’s a decision that every Siebel Enterprise customer will have to make at some point.  But what’s the right decision?  That, of course, depends.  Apex IT, recognized as one of Oracle’s “go to” CRM partners, understands the stakes involved.  Over the course of our history, we’ve learned what it takes to execute a CRM application upgrade on-time, within scope and on-budget.  If you own Siebel, and are interested in learning more, be sure to attend Apex IT’s Siebel Enterprise Upgrade Best Practices presentation at the January NorCal Training Day.  During this interactive session, attendees will learn: 
- How to conduct successful analyses on the front end to determine whether or not a Siebel upgrade is necessary
- The keys to developing a successful Siebel application upgrade roadmap 
- Avoiding common Siebel upgrade pitfalls 
- Finally, the role of Project Fusion in the Siebel upgrade decision
Don’t miss out!
2.13 Siebel Achieve Siebel Excellence with Best Practices Solution in Archiving and Test Data Management
Steven Mohl , Siebel Specialist, Princeton Softech
Business critical CRM applications represent an ongoing corporate investment as businesses realize the benefits of a full-lifecycle enterprise data management strategy that includes database archiving and test data management capabilities.  Siebel sites are deriving more business value from archiving by managing continued application data growth and its impact on operational costs and risks, as well as storage requirements.  In addition, creating realistic Siebel test environments are ensuring reliable application upgrades and support for compliance requirements.
3.13 Siebel Planning for a Successful Siebel 7.8 / 8.0 Upgrade
Robert Ponder, Siebel Upgrade Architect, Ponder Pro Serve
This session will provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of the Siebel upgrade process.  Topics include planning the upgrade as well as how to execute it.  The session assumes no prior Siebel upgrade experience so both manager and technical personnel will benefit from this session.
4.13 Siebel Driving Business Growth through Proactive Customer Engagement
Mark Woollen, VP Product Strategy, Oracle Corporation
Companies that hope to succeed in today’s competitive business environment must invest in strategies that drive growth.  With the most valuable growth being driven by business innovations designed to address customer needs, it is critical that companies become more intelligent and proactive in how the engage their customers.  Proactive CRM provides a powerful way for companies to competitively distinguish themselves and achieve their growth objectives.  Join us to hear how Oracle CRM – the #1 CRM application – enables companies to proactively engage their customers to maximize growth and productivity as well as to achieve clear competitive advantage.
5.13 Siebel Siebel 8.0 Overview
Ken Pulverman, Senior Director, Oracle Corporation
The latest release of  Oracle|Siebel Customer Relationship Management.  Oracle's Siebel 8 will be a major milestone release, with new functional enhancements as well as major architectural ones.  This session will highlight how Oracle's Siebel 8 will dramatically change the way you use, build, extend, integrate, deploy, and manage customer relationship management applications.
6.13 Siebel How NetApp Used CRM On Demand to Launch a New Division
Ric McCormick, IT Senior Director, NetApp
As NetApp prepared to launch a new, low-cost product line - StoreVault, which is sold exclusively to SMBs through its partner network - it chose Siebel CRM On Demand as the centerpiece of this initiative. The hosted CRM solution enabled NetApp to streamline input from its public, support and partner portals to a centralized CRM system that was further integrated to partner and back office applications, such as Oracle Financials. Hear how NetApp and its partner community are achieving rapid business value through Siebel CRM On Demand and Web Services Integration.
1.09 Technology Whats new in R12 from the technology perspective
Girish Jashnani, Oracle Corporation
Come and take a sneak peak at the new technology and architectural aspects of Oracle E-business in Release 12.  R12 will focus on providing a superior ownership experience with the introduction of management packs in Grid Control, better interoperability with improved service enablement and improved visibility with additional Business Intelligence capabilities.
3.09 Technology Getting started with Approvals Management Engine
John Peters, Independent Consultant, JRPJR, Inc
The Oracle E-Business Suite modules have been adopting a new method for approval list generation using the Approvals Management Engine, AME.  This presentation will provide an introduction to AME and step by step how to get started using this powerful tool.  In addtion, this presentation will provide details on how to customization work in AME.  After this starter course you should be able to go back to your office and dive right into using AME.
4.09 Technology Configuring a Linux Apache Proxy Server for Use With i-supplier
Kevin Dahl, Senior Oracle Applications Consultant, Solution Beacon
This technical presentation provides the steps involved in configuring a linux apache proxy server.  The detail is from an actual implementation of i-supplier, part of which implementation of the proxy server was an integral step.  The presentation covers the configuration from the very beginning which includes downloading, installing, configuring Apache as well as implementation of the supporting packages.
5.07 Technology What's Up Doc? Easy Health Checks for Oracle Apps
Lynne Paulus, DBA, Fair Isaac
There are a variety of easy data checks that can be automated to track the health of your Oracle Apps data and a summary of the check results can be automatically emailed to interested parties on a daily basis. We check a wide variety of data conditions in such areas as User Security, User Load Issues, Profile Settings, Invalid Objects, Custom Direct Change monitoring and Module specific data issues. Most of the checks apply to all E-Business Suite sites. We currently monitor for over 75 different data conditions and new checks can be added with as little as 5 minutes of effort.  Even though the health checks do not 'prevent' data changes, we have often been able to detect conditions before there is a negative impact. These checks save us significant time in Production support and problem analysis. Get a jump start in implementing automated health checks in your environment by using the SQL statements provided to perform some specific health checks.
Supplemental Material

5.09 Technology Oracle Identity Management Automate provisioning and de-provisioning
Kenny Gilbert, Director of Technology Services , Silicon Image
This presentation will go over Silicon Images journey to implement Oracle Identity Manager for user provisioning. We will cover how we achieved a higher level of SOX compliance by automating our workforce identity, single password policy and workflow approval tracking and at the same time reduced IT helpdesk ticket volume
6.04 Technology Discoverer and XML Publisher: Full Throttle Reporting
Tim Sharpe, Director of Services, Solution Beacon
XML Publisher combined with Discoverer provides a complimentary full spectrum environment to meet all business reporting needs. Discoverer is a powerful ad-hoc reporting tool designed so that all levels of users can quickly and easily create reports and analyze data without writing complex code. XML Publisher provides a mechanism to deliver intricate printable documents with rich formatting using simple template structures and XML data. Learn how to combine these technologies to provide quality, publishable reports for a multitude of purposes.
6.07 Technology Tool Time for the Oracle Applications DBA
Jeff Slavitz, Independent Consultant, Computer Creations Inc.
Every Oracle Applications DBA has a toolbox of scripts and tricks.  Some tools are scripts that can be used to research and solve application data issues.  Other tools are tricks or little known Oracle Applications features that allow you to automate a manual process.  In this session I will discuss my three favorite tools:
-          Using FNDLOAD to copy setup information between instances
-          Automate edits to your database and applications context files using SED
-          Scripts to monitor and keep your workflow queues clean
Supplemental Material
6.09 Technology Project ONE CLICK - Oracle Single Sign-on
Sridhar Gangapuram, Manager, Oracle Applications, Phoenix Technologies
Roger Raj, Sr. Technical Director, Oracle Corporation
We have implemented Oracle Single Sign-on at Phoenix Technologies during the month of August this year. This presentation will go through the challenges we encountered before we reach the success goal of enabling single sign-on version of oracle applications.