2002 Training Day Presentations Download Page

Please download the presentations you are interested in below.  Copies of the presentations will not be available on site during the Training Day.  All files related to a presentations are zipped together into a single file, (see the link at the bottom of the page if you need a copy of winzip).  File sizes below are approximate.



11i Upgrades Seminar

11i_upgrade_slides.zip (1.3MB)

Panel Discussion (2hours) 
Accelerate your ROI with QuickAddress:  How an everyday ZIP code can bring you better customer service, increased productivity and better data quality.

ven_qas.zip (166KB)

Peter Mycock
QAS QuickAddress

Accounting in a Manufacturing Company

usr_bock.zip (107KB)

Melanie J Bock &
Maggie Coleman


Optimizing Profit Margins Across Multiple Sales Channels with Oracle Advanced Pricing

ora_saffren.zip (1.1MB)

Josh Saffren & 
Kevin De Martelaere
Oracle Corporation


Advanced Pricing - to your advantage...

usr_vikas.zip (359KB)

Ashu Vikas
 KPMG Consulting
Applications Technology Update

ora_mosher.zip (1.3MB)

Brent Mosher & 
Cary Romero
Oracle Corporation
Advanced Planning Solution (s)/Advanced Planning and Scheduling

ora_conlin.zip (852KB)

Jean-Phillipe Laloux & 
John Conlin
Oracle Corporation
Automate Your Business Processes with Tidal Software

ven_tidal.zip (1.5MB)

Willie Kate
Tidal Software
Configuration for the Enterprise:  Using Oracle Configurator to improve profitability

ora_visscher.zip (1.6MB)

Douglas Visscher
Oracle Corporation
A Creative Approach to Save $$ and CPU - Streamlined Reporting for Oracle Applications

ven_quest.zip (1.1MB)

Jacqueline Probe
Quest Software 
CRM Sales and Marketing: Use Marketing to Increase Sales

ora_bocian.zip (41KB)

Tisha Bocian &
Alexandra Olsen
Oracle Corporation
CRM Service: Grow revenues by proactively providing targeted customer care

ora_arteche.zip (632KB)

Adrian Arteche &
Jaime Losantos
Oracle Corporation
Customizing Workflow: A technical perspective

usr_peters.zip (278KB)

John Peters
Destination E-HR: 11i HRMS Implementation Tips & Tricks

usr_galy.zip (110KB)

Chris Daly
Harmonic Inc.


Easily Integrate your Enterprise using the Taviz eIntegration Suite

(presentation not available yet)

Arturo Zacarias
Taviz Technology Inc.


From Data to Reports in Just One Day!

ven_noetix.zip (111KB)

Ann Markley
HR in Release 11i

(no presentation)

Panel Discussion 
(2 hours)
HRMS Release 11i Update - iRecruitment, Time & Labor and Compensation Workbench

(presentation not available yet)

Glen Lacey
Oracle Corporation
Improve Your IT Processes with the Smarter Job Scheduler

ven_appworx.zip (124KB)

Alex Givens
Pay your sales people accurately and on time, and provide their statements online, with Oracle Incentive Compensation 11i

ora_attwood.zip (47KB)

Kevin Attwood &
Linda Mullen
Oracle Corporation
Integrating Oracle Applications with Best of Breed CRM packages using Sierra Atlantic’s Application Networks™.

ven_sierra.zip (2.2MB)

Devesh Sharma
Lowering the Cost of your Business Integration using 9iAS Interconnect Framework

usr_watkins.zip (371KB)

Sue Watkins
Oracle Corporation


Managing Oracle Data Electronically

(presentation not available yet)

Bob Kragen
Evergreen Data Systems
Manufacturing Update-What's New and What is Means to You

ora_schwarz.zip (69KB)

Susan Schwartz &
Willard Wayman
Oracle Corporation
Oracle 11i Advanced Planning and Scheduling – A Proof-of-Concept results in a Proven Concept

usr_ceolla.zip (315KB)

Ray Ceolla
Quovera, Inc.


Paperless Timekeeping benefits your entire workforce, and Technology makes it easy!

ven_kronos.zip (545KB)

Larry Florio & 
Tony Anthony
Oracle Project Resource Management meets the needs of finding the right people for the right project at the right time

ora_beardsley.zip (2.9MB)

Nancy Beardsley
Oracle Corporation


Projects/Financials Release 11i Update

ora_delaney.zip (4.7MB)

Fran Delaney &
Amy Odum
Oracle Corporation
Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiency By Integrating e-Document Delivery Capabilities with Oracle Applications

ven_captaris.zip (833KB)

Hugh Sanderson

R11i Drop Shipment, An Implementation Perspective

usr_kolachalam.zip (1.7MB)

Madhusudan Kolachalam
Zensar Technologies, Inc.
Successful Application Rollouts Using Centra's Virtual Classroom Solution

ven_centra.zip (632KB)

Steve Sanders
Reporting for End Users-Make an impact on your bottom line with Business Intelligence

ora_mckenna.zip (430KB)

Colleen McKenna &
Greg Moye
Oracle Corporation
Using Multi-Currency in Oracle Applications

usr_iyer.zip (116KB)

Mohan Iyer
Fortuna Technology
What are you going to do with your data when you upgrade to 11i?

ven_decision.zip (37KB)

Larry Scheurich
DecisionPoint Applications


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