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1.1 MFG Rahul Sharma Ubex Corporation Oracle Quality: Defect Tracking & Vendor Return Process The client a high-tech manufacturing firm is well known for highly differentiated products and high quality of its product. They strive to track defects and take corrective action with ever improving responsiveness. An integrated and easy to use solution is critical to their defect tracking process. Oracle Quality meets the client requirements as it provides powerful features for non-conformance tracking, defect disposition and corrective action tracking. In addition, the power and flexibility of the product makes it easy to support vendor return process too, and helps create a completely integrated solution. 
1.2 MFG Tom Greene Oracle Oracle Manufacturing update Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Manufacturing in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
1.3 MFG John Conlin Oracle Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Solution update Do you need a Product Documentation Management system, then Product Lifecycle Management is for you.  Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Product Lifecycle Management in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
1.4 PROC Maggie Coleman Margaret Coleman Consulting Using Procure to Order to Source Buy Items This presentation describes how to setup and execute the ordering of buy items using Oracles Procure to Order functionality.  A customer can place a sales order for an ATO buy item.  The item can be sourced from a supplier via a purchase requisition or from another inventory organization via an internal requisition.  We will follow the process from sales order entry to supply creation and fulfillment through customer shipment.  The resulting accounting transactions will also be reviewed.
1.5 PROC Mary Burns Oracle Oracle Procurement update (includes iProcurement, Sourcing, PO, iSupplier) Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Procurement (iProcurement, Sourcing, PO, iSupplier) in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
1.6 PROC Scott Snyder Stratex Networks, Inc. Case Study: See Stratex's new automated approach to supply-side order mgmt.  Scott Snyder longtime Oracle Financials user will present how Stratex achieved new levels of operational efficiencies, while transitioning to a global manufacturing partner strategy. Scott will present how Stratex used existing technologies and a new approach and partnership in solving supply side management issues. In this session Scott will discuss
- What to outsource versus what to keep in house
- Providing a 360 degree view of supply side communications
- Transforming A/P clerks from data entry operators to issues analysts
- Creating greater collaboration between Purchasing, Planning, Receiving, and A/P
- Overcoming Global Communication challenges
2.1 TECH Therron  Hofsetz Logical Apps Automating your Business Processes using Oracle Workflow Workflow is viewed as simply an install and setup activity, instead of an opportunity to leverage from the power of the engine to streamline, document business and automate processes. Discover the tremendous opportunities to design and develop custom workflows to optimize core business processes.
2.2 TECH Mark Morgan siMMIan systems, inc. Letting Go: A DBA's Guide to AutoConfig and RapidClone Experienced DBAs will remember a time when a few custom scripts were all were needed to configure and clone an Applications instance. The complexity of 11i has changed all of that. Oracle has now automated these processes. A look at the benefits and pitfalls of Autoconfig and RapidClone.
2.3 TECH John Peters JRPJR, Inc Workflow Notification Features This presentation will review some of the features of Oracle Workflow Notifications that most users don't even know exist.  Ever want to have different notifications have different formatting, reply to email addresses, from email addresses.....?  I will review many of the options available to Users as well as Developers to make Oracle's Workflow Notifications do exactly what you want.
2.4 TECH Rod Lehman Mercury Shorten Your 11i Patching Cycles with Automated Testing and Change Management This session will cover how thousands of Oracle E-Business Suite customers-including Oracle itself-are successfully using Mercury solutions to shorten 11i patching cycles by automating migrations, deployments and testing; verifying functionality and improving reliability. Without automating these tasks and comprehensive testing, organizations risk the high costs associated with failure, which include losses in revenue, an unproductive workforce, and end user dissatisfaction. Sample test methodology and best practices will be discussed.
2.5 TECH Brent Mosher Oracle Oracle Tech update part 1: XML Publisher/Oracle Applications Framework Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle XML Publisher and Oracle Applications Framework in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
2.6 TECH Jason Reedy Oracle Oracle Tech update part 2: Single sign on/Integration Server/Workflow enhancements Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Single Sign On, Oracle Intrgration Server and Oracle Workflow in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
3.1 REPORTING Colleen McKenna Oracle Oracle Reporting update (Daily Business Intelligence, Discover, Balanced
Scorecard, EPB...)
Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Reporting Solutions in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
3.2 REPORTING David Fuston FMT Systems Inc Apps Reporting How Can I Get What I Need? Most organizations find their reporting solution does not provide the level or degree of information they want after their Oracle Apps implementation, or they discover that the reporting products they acquired are not the best suited for the information they need to produce. We will discuss the causes and results, alternative strategies for solutions, approach methodologies, and how to avoid these reporting frustrations by using a matrix of Oracle products to match the user requirements.
3.3 REPORTING Rob Griebel Noetix Corporation Fast Answers, Fast Decisions with Oracle Discoverer & Other Reporting Tools Attend this session to learn the key elements in setting up a successful reporting solution with Oracle Discoverer. Make query and reporting tool setup automatic for Discoverer super users and empower business users and executives to become more independent, creating their own reports within days. Leverage dashboards and Microsoft Excel, along with other familiar reporting tools to allow them to query their own data and then share reports via the web.
3.4 GENERAL John Stetak Accelim Inc Transforming Incoming B2B Communications into Usable Data for Oracle Financials Still spending time keying data into Oracle Financials? Learn how to stop the paper at your virtual front door by transforming hardcopy directly into Native Business Objects. Come see how AcceLIM customers dramatically reduce their A/P Processing costs while building new breed Interdepartmental Collaboration between purchasing, accounting and receiving. Discover how unique invoice processing technologies and matching methods deliver highly accurate data into your Oracle Financials system. 
3.5 PROJ Nancy Beardsley Oracle Oracle Projects update Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Projects in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
3.6 PROJ Brett Ford Independent Consultant Out of the Box: Project Reporting and Intelligence in 11i Many companies are using Oracle Projects but are not taking full advantage of improved reporting and intelligence capabilities of Oracle Projects in release 11i. Learn tips and techniques to maximize out of the box reporting functionality and project intelligence in the Oracle Projects suite without having to create custom reports.
4.1 FIN Faun deHenry FMT Systems Inc. Understanding Oracle's Oracle’s Trading Community Architecture Understanding Oracle's new customer data model is challenging because it departs significantly from the data model that Oracle used for releases prior to 11i. This presentation discusses the structure of parties, party information, party relationships, and reasons for merging parties as well as covering the difference between party and customer attributes. We wll also discuss how the Trading Community Manager responsibility is used for maintaining data quality in the TCA registry.
4.2 FIN Melanie J Bock Independent Consultant You CAN Change Your Accounting Flexfield Accounting flexfield changes may be dictated by changes to the business, reorganizations, changes in management philosophy, or different modules or features used in Oracle Applications. Accounting flex changes require design and manual updates by users as well as updates to the database by developers. Oracle does not support such changes just as they do not support other conversions or customizations but with proper analysis and testing, you CAN successfully change your accounting flexfield.  I will provide a list of tables/columns potentially impacted by an accounting flexfield change. 
4.3 FIN Carol Vangell Oracle Oracle Financials update Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Financials in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
4.4 FIN Mary Burns Oracle Managing real estate with Oracle Property Manager(PM).  Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Property Management in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
4.5 FIN Cathy Cakebread Independent Consultant Utilizing Oracle iPayments to Process Your Credit Card Activity Tips for how to set up, process and utilize credit card payments using Oracle iPayments. An overview of the credit card process using Oracle iPayments and decisions to make regarding how you will process credit card payments. Key setups to be completed. Testing scenarios, reconciliation issues and the accounting impact. And of course, things to watch out for.
4.6 FIN Nancy Beardsley Oracle Revenue Recognition and Oracle Collections update Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Revenue Recognition and Collections in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
5.2 GENERAL David McGlone Hitachi Consulting Customer and Employee Self Service Portals via Oracle 10g Application Server Customer and Employee Self Service have been hot topics for some time in business and IT circles; and they are generating significant ROI for organizations.  A broad discussion of business benefits to be achieved, Customer and Employee Self Service components and portal architecture will be presented.
5.3 GENERAL Faun deHenry FMT Systems Inc. Are You Asking the Right Business Intelligence Questions? The focus of this presentation is a process that business and IT managers can use to develop questions and gather information that will assist in maximizing their business intelligence efforts.The presentation will examine two organizations that addressed the challenge of increased performance in very different ways. One business looked at its human resources. Another business looked at its customers and market trends. The first part of the process focuses on the business managers activities and tasks. The second part of the process involves a high level description of the IT departments activities and tasks. The third part of the process examines the collaboration necessary between business and IT managers. Finally, this presentation will examine the changes necessary for IT departments to align themselves with the businesses objectives.
5.4 GENERAL Doug Mohr Clear Orbit RFID Technology Defined - Current and Future Impact on Your Business! Oracle users that implemented barcode-printing systems to comply with multi-vendor or multi-customer label requirements are now being asked by customers to add RFID capability.  They have no other options but to comply.  This presentation will identify specific ways a company running Oracle can "layer-in" an affordable RFID solution that preserves the existing Oracle environment and configuration yet adds new functionality without custom coding.  We will show you how to meet customer compliance issues with a minimal cost outlay, while laying the groundwork for future RFID infrastructure to address more global supply chain issues.  The RFID solution includes various modules that leverage the configurability used to power bar code, print label compliance, and RF/mobile connectivity.
5.5 MFG Anurag Batra Sierra Atlantic, Inc Leveraging 11i PLM and Manufacturing to minimize inventory write-offs Data from PLM and Manufacturing modules of Oracle e-business suite can be used to measure the impact of ECOs on materials downstream. A time-phased impact analysis aids in a more effective implementation of ECOs, thereby minimizing excess and obsolete (E&O) inventory. A case study is used to illustrate how a $200 million company can reduce inventory write-offs by over $1 million annually using such an analysis.
5.6 HR Glenn Lacey Oracle Oracle HR update Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Human Resources in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
6.1 GENERAL Bart Drewes Veritas Tuning Oracle E-Business Suite Applications When ERP packaged applications are running slowly, people complain. Yet the cause for performance degradation may be something other than the application itself. In this session, you will learn how to manage the performance of databases supporting Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle Applications). We will highlight the use of VERITAS APM solutions, which give you the ability to easily monitor and tune your applications by identifying performance issues and tracking the causes to specific users and transactions.  Items discussed are: Introduction/ERP Overview,  Success Criteria for ERP Performance ManagementReal World Case Study, Tips to get started tuning the Oracle Applications.
6.2 GENERAL Joel  Howard RingMaster Software Does Change Management include Patches? Many people think that Change Management is all about source control for custom developed programs. Wrong. It is all about the changes made to your systems from new and changed custom programs, database objects, database executables, operating system changes, network changes, and settings to your database, operating system and application systems. How can you protect your enterprise from thousands of unknown changes from 11i patches that introduce complexities that impact the business users, technical experts, and the financial bottom line? Learn how EDS, Family Dollar, General Dynamics and Bechtel manage these changes from patches and reduce their impact on the organization.
6.3 GENERAL Jeff Colket 170 Systems Inc. Using Self-Service Applications for Expense Management to Achieve Efficiencies Both financial savings and improved business cycles can be achieved through self service access to information. We will demonstrate how to streamline manual business processes through the use of self service applications and extend your investment in Oracle with document management technology, resulting in greater visibility and a higher level of control.
6.4 GENERAL David Glomski Princeton Softech Maximize Oracle E-Business Suite Performance by Archiving Historical Data The traditional approaches to maintaining application performance offer diminishing returns over time and do not address the root cause - storing and managing rarely accessed data. This presentation addresses the challenges of explosive database growth by implementing an active archiving strategy, enabling companies to improve performance, shorten batch and reporting cycles, reduce upgrade outage windows and, most importantly, reduce cost of ownership and increase ROI.
6.5 SOX Mohan Dutt Solix Archive: Access: Audit: Keys to effective Compliance Lifecycle Management With ever increasing stringent regulations, and huge penalties for non-compliance, businesses need to pay attention to managing the Compliance Lifecycle. How do organizations meet the regulatory requirements while controlling costs? The solution is to use proven 'data archiving methodologies' that allow easy access to data for business as well as audit purposes. Business users as well as IT professionals can all gain some valuable insights from this presentation.
7.1 SOX Jeffrey T. Hare ERP Seminars Sarbanes Oxley Best Practices in an Oracle Applications Environment Oracle applications are highly flexible and configurable to allow for implementation in any company in the world. With that flexibility and complexity comes risk. The passage of the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 has greatly increased the scrutiny on your control environment. This paper will address several key setups, give you an overview of technology of Oracle Financials, review function security, and help identify technology within the applications to help you monitor your controls.
7.2 SOX Therron Hofsetz Logical Apps Reactive Companies Meet Sarbanes-Oxley Standards, Proactive Firms Exceed Them! Learn how to pro-actively enable and enforce controls designed to help your company comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and to effectively manage internal controls. See how others define and enforce advanced forms security rules, validate data, track changes, and maintain correct process flows.
7.3 SOX Cathy Cakebread Independent Consultant Sarbanes-Oxley and Oracle Receivables This presentation discusses the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on your use of Oracle Receivables. What is Sarbanes-Oxley? Who does it impact? What are the major concepts that impact AR? The paper provides suggestions for key policies and procedures to be documented and lists potential major events. It discusses areas to examine for potential risks and controls. It also examines the issue of proper recognition of revenue and activities which impact your ability to recognize revenue. 
7.4 SOX Mark Nelson Applimation Inc. Increasing Internal Controls This presentation will highlight how you can provide a complete audit trail of changes to your setup data and your database. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has defined new requirements for corporate governance and internal controls. Organizations using Oracle Applications understand that internal control gaps may exist within their Oracle systems and additional measures must be taken to ensure compliance with these new regulatory mandates.
7.5 SOX Colleen McKenna Oracle Oracle Internal Controls Manager (tackling  section 302/404/409 with Oracle) Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Internal Controls Manager in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
7.6 SOX Paul Kirch KLA-Tencor Inc. Sarbanes Oxley 404 Compliance at a Silicon Valley Company I will present on Sarbanes-Oxley using examples from KLA-Tencor.
8.1 OM Kaushik Bakhandi Deloitte Consulting Drop Shipment and Back-to-Back Orders in 11i Automatic supplier inventory sourcing based on customer demand is a key component in managing dynamic order fulfillment. This presentation describes how Oracle supports this using Drop Shipment and Back-to-back order processes. Participants will learn about recent enhancements in these areas including drop shipment of configurations. Implementation aspects will be covered as well.
8.2 OM Kevin Attwood Oracle Order Management update (including Quoting and Advanced Pricing) Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Management, Quoting and Advanced Pricing in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
8.3 OM Steve Pankey Solutions Partners Inc. Case Study: Using Oracle Advance Pricing for Flexible Service Program Pricing This paper/presentation will present the use of Oracle Advanced Pricing to enable a much more flexible pricing of Extended Warranty service programs sold through Order Management than what is available using standard pricing. This solution was recently implemented at NorCal high tech company and allowed them to eliminate the need to have many multiple service program part numbers to sell the same service for different prices. Ultimately, they were able to reduce the number of service program part numbers to one-per-program, yet maintain complete flexiblity to price the service program based on the referenced servicable item, the period/duration, including multi-year discounts, and other factors. This paper will present the details of the original multiple part number situation, then show the details of the Advanced Pricing solution, including the details of the AP setups and custom attribute mapping PL/SQL code.
8.4 CRM Mike Baiocchi DAZ Systems, Inc Trade Management: It’s new, powerful & you need it! Trade Management is a wide and varied topic, different to different companies. We will address what it is and isn't, with case studies and specific Oracle functions.
8.5 CRM Kevin Attwood Oracle Oracle Contracts update Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Contracts in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.
8.6 CRM Darin Wilson Oracle Oracle Service and Sales update Oracle presenters will cover the new features of Oracle Service and Sales in 11.5.0 to 11.5.9.  Future product directions including new 11.5.10 features will also be covered.