NorCal OAUG Training Day 2003 Presentation Downloads

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# Category Presenter Company Presentation_Title Abstract
1.1 HR Suzanne Becker Xcelicor OSB/OAB – Reducing Fast Formula Usage by Optimizing Configurations Provides a discussion and overview of using configuration options for Oracle benefits as opposed to custom Fast Formulas.
1.2 HR Chris Galy Harmonic HR in 11i Destination E-HR: 11i HRMS Implementation Tips & Tricks
1.3 HR Kris Schratz Oracle HR Release 11i update Oracle will be presenting new HR features in release 11i.
1.4 MFG Jeff  Hotze Clear Orbit Go Live’ Success with Oracle WMS & MSCA Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Mobile Supply Chain Application (MSCA) are both powerful, capable software solutions that are looked upon by many as key components in Oracle’s 11i E-Business Suite. This session focuses on the knowledge resources, methodology and challenges to assure ‘Go Live’ success with Oracle WMS and MSCA.  The ClearOrbit team will further detail the complexities and technical challenges they overcame in their latest WMS implementation. 
1.5 GENERAL Sue Watkins Oracle Oracle E-Business Suite Outsourcing Oracle will be presenting how Oracle E-Business Suite Outsourcing can benefit Oracle Applications customers.
1.6 FIN Alex Montgomery Oracle Projects Release 11i update Oracle will be presenting new Financials and Projects features in release 11i.
2.1 TECH Sue Watkins Oracle Applications Technology Update Oracle will be presenting new technology features utilized in the 11i eBusiness Suite.
2.2 TECH Lynne Paulus Fair, Isaac and Company Tips for Supporting 11i (preparing for 11i Waste Management) There are numerous support issues that arise once you are live on 11i.  File-Export, Login Data, WorkFlow, Order Management messages, and other normal Applications processes generate unneeded data in Oracle tables.  This data will grow exponentially and can cause a ‘waste management’ issue which can cause other processing to fail.  Learn how and where this data is generated and how to purge it. Numerous standard Concurrent Manager cleanup jobs are identified as well as custom research scripts.  11i DBAs must also learn to identify orphan connections, handle lock contention and deal with the complexity of the 11i architecture. Such issues will be covered in detail along with techniques to ease the 11i support effort
2.3 TECH John Peters JRPJR, Inc Requisition Approval Workflow Customizations This presentation will show how the Requisition Approval workflow was customized.  The automated addition of approvers will be covered.  In addition, notification customizations will also be reviewed.  Integration with iProcurement will emphasized.
2.4 TECH Kevin Barry OuterBay Technologies Oracle Application Resource Management: Best Practice Case Studies

(presentation not yet available)
Oracle Apps customers including Sun Microsystems, Applied Materials and Tektronix have adopted a new best practice called Application Resource Management (ARM). ARM monitors and manages data growth in an application environment.  The presentation will discuss traditional solutions (adding server and storage capacity) enterprises have used to manage their Oracle applications- and why these short term solutions fail to deliver results in these application environments. Case studies will be used to illustrate the business improvements and cost savings as a result of ARM practices.
2.5 TECH GK Murthy Sierra Atlantic Global Instance Consolidation

(presentation not yet available)
Instance consolidation is no longer just an IT imperative. This project
poses several challenges in terms of accomplishing both technical objectives
and business benefits. The author explains a solution strategy deployed at
client locations to systematically approach the Global instance
consolidation of multiple instances in an Oracle Application environment.
2.6 TECH Brent Mosher Oracle Technology (Discoverer, BIS, 9i) Oracle has recently released technology enhancements to the 11i suite that enable improved visibility into business operations.  Oracle Daily Business Intelligence is a comprehensive management information solution for the eBusiness Suite.  It enables senior managers and executives to get an accurate and integrated daily summary of their business.  It includes Oracle Portal-based pages to support reporting needs for targeted management roles. This presentation will discuss the Daily Business Intelligence offering and the technology components that make it possible.
3.1 MFG Jean-Philippe Laloux Oracle Advanced Planning & Scheduling Oracle will be presenting the features available in Advanced Planning & Scheduling.
3.2 MFG John Conlin Oracle Oracle Shop Floor Management OSFM is a comprehensive web based solution which manages complex shop floor lot transactions, enables dynamic routings, provides ‘end to end’ genealogy of products, and models / tracks operation yield and costs. As a part of the Oracle e-business suite, OSFM bridges the gap between Oracle Manufacturing and third party detail MES systems by leveraging critical shop floor information for enterprise wide activities. It enables comprehensive flexibility in manufacturing execution and visibility for each lot job on the shop floor combining manufacturing excellence with customer responsiveness.
3.3 MFG Sid Nandi Quovera Inc ASCP Made Easy Advanced Supply Chain Planning implementations can be frighenting from both the software and business process approaches.  On the other hand, ASCP design and implementations can actually be "fun" with a positive and clear approach, a clear understanding of Oracle capabilities, and a solid,logical plan.  I know, we did it!
3.4 PO Nagesh Kelkar IT Convergence Planning for a Successful iProcurement Implementation

(presentation not yet available)
Learn how to prepare for a successful iPO implementation.  This presentation will discuss implementing Oracle iProcurement. Why implement, the benefits, the issues and how proper planning will ensure a successful implementation.
3.5 PO Jeff  Kitagawa Cypress Semiconductor iProcurement Case study of iProcurement at Cypress Semiconductor.
3.6 PO Carl Harter Harmonic Forget the Paper! Email Distribution of Oracle Documents The presentation focuses on the standard functionality and use of
Oracle's emailing options.  We will specifically be looking at Purchase
Orders and how these are generated and sent to the Supplier.
4.1 FIN Mary Wayda Independent Consultant FSG's:  Solving Simple and Complex Reporting Problems Learn how to solve reporting needs using FSG.  Some examples to be given: one
rowset that supplies both a summary and detailed report, exception variance
reporting, and a method to report your prior FYE results regardless of the
month.  A brief introduction to FSG components will be given.
4.2 FIN Steve Parra CIBER AP Over Payment AP Over Payment: Accounts Payables overpayments happen for many reasons. Many overpayments can be associated and traced back to application configuration, business processes, user error, software limitations, or training issues. Traditional audits and manual processes often miss huge amount of dollars that can be recaptured and added back to the bottom line without funding. This presentation covers a comprehensive approach to recapturing these dollars and implementing changes to alleviate these problems in the future.
4.3 FIN Nancy  Beardsley Oracle Revenue Recognition enhancements Oracle will be presenting new Revenue Recongition features in release 11i.
4.4 FIN Hans Kolbe Celantra Systems Oracle's international legal compliance tools, Global Accounting Engine, Consolidation, MRC -- abstract not available --
4.5 FIN Robert Smith Oracle Financials Release 11i update Oracle will be presenting new Financials and Projects features in release 11i.
4.6 FIN Amy Odum Oracle Controlling Costs with Internet Expenses Oracle will be presenting features associated with Internet Expenses.
5.1 CRM Carol Vangell Oracle CRM Service Oracle will be presenting new CRM/Service features in release 11i.
5.2 CRM Tisha Bocian Oracle Maximizing Renewal Revenues with Oracle Service Oracle will be presenting Service features allowing you to increase Service Program Renewals.
5.3 CRM Faun deHenry FMT Systems Inc. iSupport: From Customer Contact to Resolution This paper illustrates the power of Oracle iSupport from the moment a customer enters the company Web site to problem resolution by field service personnel. Participants will learn how iSupport can manage their company’s problem solution process from “beginning-to-end.”
5.4 GENERAL Dorothy Sheets FMT Systems Getting the Most from Your Flexfields In this presentation, participants will learn the psychology and physiology of flexfield design. What data do I need from my system? How do I set up a flexfield? This session will cover these steps and discuss the implications of your decision."
5.5 FIN Mohan Iyer Phoenix Technologies Using Multi-Currency in Oracle Applications -- abstract not available --
5.6 GENERAL Paul Winterstein Noetix Corporation Centralized Data Access and Management for your Reporting Environment Finding it challenging to get meaningful data from Oracle Applications and other data sources? Learn how Noetix can accelerate the delivery of your business intelligence strategy while enhancing your current investment in business intelligence technology including query and reporting tools, dashboards and portals, and ETL tools.
6.1 GENERAL Shalini Kasida 170 Systems Using Content Management, Document Management, Imaging and Oracle Applications to Become an e-Business

(presentation not yet available)
Combining content management, document management,
and imaging technology with the Oracle Applications enables businesses to
capture and manage all of their information online-regardless of source or
type.  This presentation will discuss how Global 1000 organizations are
using the 170 MarkView solution to become an e-Business and extend their
current investment in Oracle technology as a strategic platform.  Leverage
best practices to maximize your operational efficiency and business growth
by removing information bottlenecks and streamlining mission-critical
business processes and your use of the Oracle Applications.
6.2 GENERAL Alexandra Olsen Oracle TCA (Trading Community Architecture) Oracle will be reviewing the new release 11i Trading Community Architecture.
6.3 OM Ginger Bryan Applied Materials Global Inventory Shipments A Buy Sell Solution -- abstract not available --
6.4 OM Lou Rizza Oracle Advanced Pricing Oracle will be presenting new Advanced Pricing features in release 11i.
6.5 OM Kevin Attwood Oracle Incentive Compensation Oracle will be presenting new Incentive Compensation features in release 11i.
6.6 OM Jill Vickers   Overcoming the 11i Gotchas in OM and Related Processes. -- abstract not available --