The following is the Historical Listing of the NorCal OAUG Board

2013 NorCal OAUG Board

The 2013 NorCal OAUG Board Members are:

Jannie Affeld, Cisco 2012-2014 term (user)

Cynthia Enderlein, CamelBack 2013-2015 term (user)

Carl Harter, Hitachi Data Systems 2012-2014 term (user)

John Peters, JRPJR 2012-2014 term (non-user)

Ramesh K Potta, Corsair 2013-2015 term (user)

Cass Smith, Symmetricom 2013-2015 term (user)

Sandra Vucinic, VLAD Group 2013-2015 term (non-user)

Mark West, P3 Solutions 2012-2014 term (non-user)

Indy Bains, Oracle Appointed Oracle Liason

2006 NorCal OAUG Board

The new 2006 NorCal OAUG Board Members are:

Carl Harter, Sr. Mgr., General Procurement, Logitech

John Peters, Independent Consultant, JRPJR, Inc.

Mark West, Vice President, Southern Pacific Group

In addition the current board members decided to create a new 7th Board Member position for an Oracle Liason, that will be appointed by the six elected board members.  This year the board has chosen Kevin Attwood, Oracle SC Manager - Northern California, Oracle Corporation.  This selection also reflects the current ballot results as well.

2006 Board Election Results

2005 NorCal OAUG Board

2005 NorCal OAUG Board
 Carl Harter, Cynthia Enderlein, Mohan Iyer, Ken Krall, John Peters, Tom Connors

2005 Board Election Results