NorCal OAUG Web Site Has Moved, Redirecting in 30 seconds...

The NorCal OAUG web site has moved!

The NorCal OAUG web site has moved to hosting provided by OAUG. The new web site can now be reached at the following URL:

The existing domain will point to the new site once we have completed the transition. Until this domain is redirected you can continue to access the Paper Archives on the old site.

User registration has also changed to be under the OAUG hosting. Please make sure you have rejoined using the OAUG system, we can not migrate our current user base over the OAUG system because they require a User Profile in the OAUG system in order to join any GEO or SIG. You don't have to be an OAUG member you just need to create a free OAUG profile and link that to your favorite GEOs and SIGs. You can click on the following URL to join the NorCal OAUG:
If you have an existing OAUG profile, you will be asked to enter your credentials to access your profile.
If you do not have an OAUG profile, you will be prompted to create one.

You must have an OAUG profile to join the NorCal OAUG. The NorCal OAUG does not require an OAUG-paid membership.

Once logged into your OAUG profile:

  1. Select Join a Geo/SIG under the Geos and SIGs section.
  2. Then select Northern California OAUG from the list of Geos.
  3. Then click [Continue] to join.
You will now be a complimentary member of the Northern California OAUG!

These changes were mandated by the OAUG Board, and in order for the NorCal OAUG to remain affiliated we had to comply.